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Infinite Possibilities

With over 400,000 different combinations available, we are hand-picking our collection to ensure the best quality for our community.

About HypeAholics

HypeAholics (HAs) is a digital art collaboration by a team of NFT, crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. HAs is our first NFT project out of many that we expect to come. To keep it simple we like to dress with style and we believe the NFT space could welcome some fresh clothes and designs. We also believe in intelligent life outside planet Earth reason why we found it exciting to create two races which inhabit exoplanet JWST- 34B to model these outfits. At the moment this planet is symbolic, we expect to know more of it once the James Webb Space Telescope is launched and starts discovering new planets.

We cherish a community that values fresh art, a night conversation over extraterrestrial life, dressing with style and believes in NFTs taking over the world.

Our Roadmap



  • - Social media launch
  • - Start building the community
  • - T1 & T5 HypeAholics List (early mint)
  • - Release the HypeAholics collection on Open Sea
  • - Apply for listing on rarity tools



  • - Raffle exclusive handpicked HypeAholics amongst the Discord community
  • - Setup and fund a community oriented wallet
  • - Start planning HypeAholics streetwear brand
  • - Start developing an online store only available for HypeAholic NFT holders



  • - Collaborate and fund a costarican environmental NGO on its first NFT project to support environmental initiatives and investigation. (Owners of HypeAholic NFTs eligible for pre-sale).
  • - Fund investigation of crypto currencies and its relation to environmental concerns.



  • - Do you like superheroes? Then you are going to like our next drop. Stay tuned!
  • - Creation of our own token. More to come.



  • - HypeAholics streetwear brand launch
  • - We want to hear ideas and work with the HypeAholics community for our Q1 2023 plan

Meet The Makers

  • Purpul


    I have backgrounds in programming and financial studies. My interests in the crypto-space began in early 2016 and have ever since tried to be involved and educate myself with the new possibilities it created.

    I am a gamer and enjoy competitive games the most. I also enjoy following developments of new technology, hence my love for this evolving digital space.

  • iHigh


    My name is iHigh, I've been into the crypto-space since 2017. Im a blockchain technology lover and specially ETH. Right now im studying Fashion Marketing in Barcelona, and have a background on economics. I worked for 3 years on the 4 biggest clubs of Costa Rica as a manager and as part of the marketing team. Im a gamer, have been playing league of legends for over 10 years.

    I love art, specially contemporary art and I am thrilled to be part of this digital revolution we are living.

  • Oli


    My name is Oli Reise, and I've been doing art my whole life. I fell in love with animation 3 years ago and since that I've been working full time as a freelance animator.

    The NFT world came into my radar 6 months ago and I started devouring information about it since, in that same period the Hypeaholics team contacted me to be part of this project and I loved the concept and thought it would be a great starting point for my career in the NFT world, i'm excited for this project and to be part of the artistic revolution that we're about to experience!

  • iDogg

    Brand Researcher

    My name is iDogg and this is my first NFT project. I lead a team of Data Management for a Fortune 500 company. Professionally three things have always captured my attention: sustainability, data and leadership. Since the first time I heard about blockchain I knew it was something special so I’ve come more and more into this side of the world.

    I love gaming, hip-hop, soccer, working and studying. I’m excited to be part of this revolution since I believe that if well managed it can bring a better world for all of us.

  • SplitFire


    Coming close to 10 years of experience browsing stackoverflow and procrastinating. Like to game. Love korean food. Always busy on Discord. Interested in seeing how blockchain affects the web.

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